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Plush Mat - (Indoor - 7mm)

This type of mats is for indoor use, excellent for companies entrances, available in Standard and Custom Sizes.

PVC-Loop - (In/Out 12mm)

Loop Mat is a logo mat manufactured from PVC coil matting, the mats are suitable for use outdoors or in mat recesses.

Waterhog - (In/Out 10mm)

Waterhog Logo Mats are the ideal logo mat for indoor or outdoor applications.

LogoScraper - (Outdoor 10mm)

The Logo Scraper Mat is 100% rubber and provides a functional alternative to carpet topped mats.

Top Quality Branded Entrance Mat!!

  • A warm greeting to your guests,enhancing your entrance area and stopping unwanted dirt.
  • Heavy duty logo mat, suitable for Medium & Heavy traffic.
  • Backside made of high quality Nitrile rubber.
  • Delivered in 2 to 4 weeks.

The first impression the visitor has of a company can be decisive in a business relationship. Thus it is extraordinarily important that the entrance area to buildings, hotel or business premises are kept clean and the company's corporate design is easily recognizable. There is nothing as eye-catching as the effects you get with computer-controlled jet printing.

Our mats provide a warm greeting to your guests, enhancing your entrance area and stopping unwanted dirt, grime and moisture from being tracked-in to your building.